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APM GROUP is a team of professionals in the field of design, supply and installation of mechanical equipment for the stage, sound equipment, lighting equipment, video equipment, special effects, and musical instruments. Our company is the exclusive distributor of HARMAN GROUP, DTS Lighting on the territory of Kazakhstan since 1999

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In addition, we represent the products of companies:

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Years of experience allows us to implement successfully the projects of concert halls, theaters, sports arenas, stadiums, theaters and cinemas, circuses, recording studios, sound stages, shopping centers and car dealerships, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, karaoke clubs, fitness centers, cafes, and many others.

The level of knowledge and expertise of "APM GROUP” specialists allow to carry out the design, supply and installation of bowling centers and equipment for bowling, Golf simulators, ski simulators, amusement rides and theme parks, as feel free to play around with new innovative projects in various spheres.


The company implements design and engineering works for spectacular entertainment facilities, from largest theaters and concert halls to clubs and restaurants.

Designing divisions

  • - Professional sound equipment;
  • - Stage mechanics;
  • - Light concert equipment;
  • - Video control systems;
  • - Control systems and access control;
  • - Structured Cable System (SCS);
  • - Wireless local area network (WLAN);
  • - Ticket-issuing system;
  • - Hotel operating system;
  • - Automatic parking system;
  • - Sound and background notification system;
  • - Semi mobile TV broadcasting points ;
  • - CCTV systems;
  • - Terrestrial TV systems;
  • - Video display systems;
  • - Commentarial complexes;
  • - Engineering order wire systems;
  • - Judging system;/li>
  • - Meeting Rooms and press center systems.

Design is the initial and most important step in implementation of construction projects, installation and technique of facilities. By agreement with the customer our company carries out measurements, working with architectural and design documentation, technical requirements, pre-design and feasibility studies with the current regulatory structure and based on the wishes of the customer.

Combination of all project implementation phases is the primary advantage of our company.

  • - Designing;
  • - Constructing;
  • - Delivery of equipment;
  • - Installation of equipment;
  • - Commissioning work;
  • - Warranty and post-warranty service.


Pure high quality sound is a ticket to success at any event, whether it is a concert or a play, a party or a business conference. APM offers a professional sound equipment for all grounds. We use equipment of the worldwide brands such as JBL, MEYER SOUND and PHONIC that is for budget decisions as well. We are ready to supply as individual components (acoustic systems, amplifiers, audio mixers), as the whole sets of sound equipment on a turnkey basis:

  • - For concert halls;
  • - For nightclubs;
  • - For stadiums;
  • - For warning systems;
  • - For studio equipment;
  • - For professional DJ equipment;
  • - For radio stations;
  • - For simultaneous translation.


Nowadays it is impossible to imagine city centers, nightclubs, concert halls without spectacular, professional lighting equipment. Our professional staff will help you to choose a set of lighting equipment you need:

  • - For concert halls;
  • - For theaters;
  • - For night clubs;
  • - For sports halls;
  • - For TV studios.


Modern stage is a complex that combines light equipment with computer control, perfect mechanics that makes it easy to change the scenery in a crack, drastically transforming the stage.

  • - Metal structures and lightning farms;
  • - Tormentor;
  • - Light towers: ground and suspension;
  • - Guides for lightning and flying bars;
  • - Balances and blocks;
  • - Windlasses for lightning and flying bars;
  • - Drop curtain;
  • - Draw curtain;
  • - Flight device;
  • - Actuators: manual and electromechanical;
  • - Control panels;
  • - Projection screens.


We provide supply and installation of different sports equipment for any sport.

  • - Hockey sidewalls: training and game-playing;
  • - Bleachers: telescopic and stationary;
  • - Any type of seats;
  • - Artificial ice turf for other sports, exhibitions and concerts, including isolated and insulated cover for basketball, volleyball, etc .;
  • - Ice filling machine;
  • - Electronic information boards of different types;
  • - Refrigeration equipment and piping system of the field;
  • - Lighting systems;
  • - Auxiliary and peripheral equipment for ice arenas;
  • - Field separators, boxes, tool grinding machinery, ice layout set, ice scrapers etc .;
  • - Equipment for basketball, volleyball etc.


APM Group has extensive experience in the implementation of popular and modern projects in the field of broadcasting and professional audio and video systems. The company is ready to offer a full range of services for realization of the boldest ideas in the following areas:


  • - Broadcast-television complex;
  • - TV journalist kits;
  • - OB vehicles;
  • - Mobile gallery;
  • - Studio lighting;
  • - Recording studio;
  • - Broadcasting automation;
  • - Intercom system


  • - Broadcast system and studio complexes;
  • - Video-refereeing and video replays;
  • - Intersound and sound amplification;
  • - Technological television;
  • - Semi-portable TV point (PSTTP);
  • - Intercom system.


  • - Audio-video switching;
  • - Video conferencing system;
  • - Simultaneous translation system;
  • - Online collaborating work system;
  • - Solutions for situational center.


  • - Notification system;
  • - Intercom system;
  • - Remote assistant director;
  • - Technological television;
  • - Video display system;
  • - Technical lighting.

APM GROUP will perform each step in the process of project implementation:

  • - Development of the concept and basic parameters of the system;
  • - Preliminary design and budgeting;
  • - Development of design estimates;
  • - Supply of equipment;
  • - Installation and set up of the equipment at the facility;
  • - Training seminars and courses of technical skills improvement;
  • - Technical, warranty cover.

We are ready to offer professional equipment of leading companies to implement technical challenges, namely,

Grass Valley, Riedel, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, Fujinon, Kramer, ARRI, Vitec, Belden, Canare and others.

Experienced technical staff of the company that held the training annually at manufacturers will find the best solution for each problem of our customer.


The objective of APM is to offer the perfect solution in the development and implementation of innovative and advanced hospitality technology, and improve the safety and quality of hotels.

Our company offers a full range of technological solutions for hotel complexes:

  • - Electronic locks;
  • - Safes;
  • - Security Alarm system;
  • - Video control systems;
  • - Control and access restrictions;
  • - Inspection System: X-ray television systems, metal detectors - arched stationary and portable, hand-held;
  • - Structured cable network;
  • - Controlling system of hotel room capacity;
  • - Automation of hotel rooms capacity, and others;

We conduct and provide consultation of a project on all stages in order to meet all the requirements of the hotel industry.


Professional new-age karaoke systems are designed by taking into account wishes of customers that is making them to be an optimal solution for use in clubs, bars and VIP-class restaurants, as well as at home.

  • - For home;
  • - For clubs;
  • - For karaoke bars, cafes and restaurants;
  • - For warning systems;


Playing golf in summer and winter, at day and night, in any weather at the most famous golf clubs in the company of good friends - the dream of any golfer. APM is the official distributor in Kazakhstan of High Definition Golf Simulators. Simulator reproduces full effect of presence on the real field; special cameras and software make it possible to improve your technique.


The following products are presented in the showroom: acoustic systems – JBL, MEYER SOUND, PHONIC; processors – DBX, LEXICON, BSS; sound mixers - SOUNDCRAFT, microphones and headphones AKG, lighting equipment – MARTIN, COLOR IMAGINATION and DTS.

Sales managers will demonstrate any available instrument and will help you to choose exactly what you want.

Electro piano and keyboards KORG, guitars, bass and electro guitars – GIBSON, EPIPHONE, FENDER, IBANEZ and accessories to guitars – ERNIE BALL, DIGITECH, DUNLOP, BOSS, VOX; combo – MARSHAL, VOX, AMPEG, FENDER; drum sets and accessories – TAMA, ZILDJIAN, MEINL, VATER.


We provide services of renting sound, light equipment and equipment for the stage. We have everything for performing a colorful and spectacular show. There is nothing impossible for us; we are ready to equip a project of any scale!

We offer:

  • - high quality powerful sound;
  • - great light;
  • - LED screens;
  • - memorable special effects: snow, smoke, confetti;
  • - mechanics of stage.



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